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Client Testimonials

"I am new to Estate Sales but have noticed a difference among the companies running the sales.  The marked difference between the sales I have attended is how the customer is treated, especially when the crowds are heavy and the pressure is on.  The staff of Caring Transitions of San Antonio, was extremely pleasant – even in the 90+ degree weather.  With sweat pouring down their faces they could have been grumpy and very unpleasant, but they were smiling, extremely helpful and patient with the customer.  That attitude and character makes the experience so much more fun for the shopper.  Estate Sales – for me – are a guilty pleasure and I choose to attend the ones run by companies like Caring Transitions of San Antonio because I really don’t like to be “barked at” by the staff of those companies who treat the customer as an inconvenience."

Susan M. - San Antonio, TX

"Very organized, very clean, the staff is so helpful and friendly. What amazing deals!"

Erin C. - San Antonio, TX

Thank you for all your help with my mom’s home. You were such a big help to us! We can’t say enough about how caring & professional you and your staff were. Best of all - you accomplished in 2 weeks’ time what we had been trying to do on our own for several months. We just could not have done it without you. Thank you so much for helping us with this emotional and daunting task!

Michael M. - San Antonio, TX

I have never been to an estate sale and had a great experience. I meet Janette and Robin who were so helpful at the Stone Oak location. Thank you for being so kind, engaging and resourceful. The girl’s patience was so needed at the time because I just lost my house in a fire and those girls were so compassionate.

Bob K. - San Antonio, TX

My husband and I both work, so when we decided to downsize, we called Caring Transitions. They came in and helped us work through the process of the move. We chose to have them pack, move and do an estate sale of all the things we left behind. It was painless and profitable. We would recommend Caring Transitions to anyone.

Pat B. - San Antonio, TX

Benjamin and his team did an excellent job handling my mother's estate sale and donating the items that didn't sell, leaving me with a nearly empty home. At every step, they went above and beyond. They were exceptionally thoughtful, helpful, and trustworthy. There were no surprise fees or charges. Everything worked out wonderfully, and I'd enthusiastically recommend them to anyone.

Maile K. - San Antonio, TX

Very organized, very clean, the staff is so helpful and friendly. What amazing deals!

Erin C. - San Antonio, TX

Scott and his team at Caring Transitions did a great job preparing for and executing my parent's estate sale through their transition from the house they lived in for 40 years to a senior community. From planning, setting up, advertising, managing the sale, clean up and procuring the disposition of the small amount of leftover items to charity, I would highly recommend them for my friends and family to use if the need ever arises.

P.J. - San Antonio, TX

Very well organized sale. I appreciate the kindness of the organizers. Can't wait to shop their next sale!

Gee H. - San Antonio, TX

Had a great experience purchasing an item from an estate sale over the phone. Very professional and a pleasure to work with!

Daniel & Brooke F. - San Antonio, TX

Benjamin and his team were amazing. He coordinated moving my elderly mother from one assisted living facility to another. They are 100% trustworthy and did an excellent job moving her into the new place – it was as if she had lived there all along. My mother was so happy with them, and they were able to communicate with her in a way that I am not able to and her she felt completely at ease with them. I highly recommend Caring Transitions and will use them again very soon to coordinate some other projects we need to have taken care regarding my elderly mother. All at a very fair price, I might add! Thanks again Benjamin! 

C. Sykes - San Antonio, TX

Scott, Benjamin, and Leilani took care of the details of our out-of state move following 30+ years in San Antonio.  Their professionalism and knowledge gave us confidence that our household goods were packed and loaded securely to arrive safely at our new home.  Leilani carefully researched the remaining items and expertly managed the estate sale in our home.  Their attention to every detail and their compassionate attitudes were outstanding.  I have recommended their team and services to many friends and confidently endorse Caring Transitions to anyone needing to downsize or simply to move.  

Larry T. -  San Antonio, TX

"We could never have completed all the activities involved in a major downsizing and move without the caring, professional people from Caring Transitions. Every member of their teams exhibited knowledge and professionalism as well as an understanding of the kinds of stress such life changes bring on. Their attention to detail was amazing!"

Joyce M. - San Antonio, TX

"I would unhesitatingly recommend the services of Scott Bleichwehl & his Caring Transitions San Antonio North team as they are the best! They are there when you need them and are steadfast in their mission to help take the burden of relocating loved ones (regardless of the reason -- seniors, terminal illnesses, etc.) off your shoulders and put on theirs. They are professional, honest, and most importantly they are caring throughout the process! They stepped up to the plate to make my frantic efforts of cleaning out, moving out & relocating my sister due to a terminal illness, and they acted quick & efficiently! They realized we were stumbling and they helped us gain our footing and realize a profitable outcome of disposing copious amounts of property to help us meet some financial obligations. I can't say enough good things about them as words don't cover their efforts -- I will say that you need to call them when the needs arises as they can & will help you through the tough times."

Robert G. - San Antonio, TX

"My wife and I live in California and had been remotely doing our best to assist my mother through the declining health and multiple hospitalizations of the final year of my stepfather’s life.  When he passed away in January, we put their house on the market so that my mother could move to California, but we weren’t sure what to do next.  Once the house sold, we were in a panic as to how to possibly sort through the years of papers, collectibles, and memories in the house by the time the sale would be closing.  Through an internet search we happened upon Caring Transitions of San Antonio, which proved to be one of the best things that happened during this whole ordeal.  Scott Bleichwehl and his team handled everything for us so that we could spend a few days rather than multiple weeks in San Antonio assisting my mother.  More importantly, they respected our wishes and were sensitive to my mother’s concerns and patiently addressed them to our satisfaction.  Packing her extensive collections, valuable antiques, and artwork for shipment to California was all done to the highest standard.  When we unpacked, not a single item was damaged as a result of the packing.  What remained in San Antonio of her things they appropriately categorized and priced for sale, ensuring that we received maximum value for all of the items that my mother didn’t want or need in California.  They also handled disposing of trash and cleaning the house so that it was ready for the buyers to take possession without the need for us to do anything.  After we left San Antonio, they continued to provide us with updates and ensured that we were apprised of the final disposition of everything.  Whether you need minor assistance or help with everything like we did, Scott and his team will treat you right and allow you to concentrate on what’s important – your loved ones.  We can absolutely recommend their services as a result of our great experience."

Scott C. - Riverside, CA


"I was in a panic when I first called Caring Transitions of San Antonio.  I needed to downsize my life-long prize possessions, have an Estate sale, and move to my new home, all within a matter of weeks.  I had no idea where to start.   Scott provided me with a plan to accomplish all that I needed from start to finish.   His team at Caring Transitions San Antonio North worked closely with me while I decided what to keep and what I would put into the sale.  They packed the items going to my new home and prepared the rest for the Estate Sale.  I was so impressed by the way the sale was set up, with the number of people who came to it and with the sale’s results.  After I closed on my new house, they moved me in and spent several days unpacking boxes and setting up my new home.  I can’t thank Caring Transitions enough for all they’ve done for me.  I would have never imagined that they could get that all done in the time I needed it to be.  I’m now in my new home and so thankful for all their help to get here.  I highly recommend them to anyone, they are kind, professional and do what they say they are going to do."   

Merry R. - Boerne, TX


“Caring Transitions of San Antonio did a superb job with our Estate Sale.  They surpassed the expectations that my wife and I had in terms of the setup of the sale, the number of people who attended the sale and the amount sold.  They were professional and courteous throughout the entire process and relieved the stress and worry that we had prior to hiring them.   I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering an Estate Sale.”

Bill S. - Spring Branch, TX

"The task of organizing, sifting, and ultimately deciding whether to keep, sell, or donate decades of family belongings and memories is daunting. When my husband passed away, I needed to move out of our large family home. This process would have been more than overwhelming. Fortunately, my son found Caring Transitions. With professionalism, expertise, and compassion, they confidently took the burden from me. I am very grateful to the Bleichwehls and Caring Transitions for their hard work, advertising, and their commitment to make this sale successful."

Mary V. - Fair Oaks Ranch, TX


"Caring Transitions of San Antonio was very helpful and cooperative inspecting items I was interested in at a recent estate sale. The packaging/shipment was handled very professionally, ensuring a safe arrival of my fragile purchase. I'm very happy with Benjamin's honesty and evaluation of the item I purchased from the estate sale. Thanks!"

Kevin B. - Illinois