Rightsizing at the Right Time for You: Rightsizing or Relocating Part 3

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Rightsizing at the Right Time for You: Rightsizing or Relocating Part 3

What is your current lifestyle?

When you first moved into your home, perhaps you were a brand-new parent or bought your first house with your new spouse. Maybe the neighbors were young, too, you explored more, and you knew everyone’s name. Now the years have passed, and friends have moved to other states, or you’ve grown tired of the same old, same old.

Think about a fresh start, a new opportunity to add a little zest to your lifestyle.

Have you thought about a new neighborhood?

Your neighbors have moved away, or you don’t explore as much anymore. Enriching your life by moving to a new neighborhood could be the right spark to get you out of your house, make friends and see the world.

Do you ever want to travel?

After all those years of demanding work, you’ve retired and are settling into your golden years. But what about that vacation you always wanted? Or the historical site you never got around to visiting? Tourism is vital to countries across the world and more seniors than ever are checking off their bucket lists. Rightsizing could give you the extra nudge you need to finally plan your dream trip.

Do you participate in sports?

Aging doesn’t mean you're slowing down. With medical advances and multiple health resources, more older adults are living active lifestyles—running marathons, skydiving, playing hockey. You name it, they’re doing it! Just check out AARP's 2022 Senior Planet Sponsored Athletes, if you don’t believe it(3).

Do you want to live closer to your family?

As Rightsizing comes into your mind, have you considered moving closer to your family? Sixty-eight percent of adult children would be willing to build an additional room onto their residence for their mothers and fathers to live with them (1). Living closer to family can be a huge weight of worry lifted from your shoulders, especially if you have any medical issues, for both you and your adult child. And who doesn’t want the chance to spoil their grandchildren?

The benefits of living in the same area as a family is far greater than the risks. Consider the following questions as you make the decision about whether it’s the right time for you to Rightsize.

Would your adult children let you move into their home?

Multigenerational living is on the rise in the US, rising by 10% each year(2). This is a more holistic approach to aging, and in many cases, countries like the UK and Singapore are adding programs to offer resources for seniors who want to Rightsize.

Did you know living closer to family could benefit your health?

There is a significant correlation to seniors who spend time with family members versus seniors who isolate; a longer life span, stronger immune system, improved mental and brain health(2). Many have better cognitive functions for far longer than those who do not.

Do you have trouble with transportation?

Transportation can be a huge factor for seniors. Aging can cause older adults to lose their ability to operate their vehicles. But having family around to support their senior family could help you make sure you get to your doctor appointments and Bingo Nights!

Does your current home meet your physical needs? Will your retirement cover the costs of staying in your home? Read Rightsizing at the Right Time for You Part 1 and Part 2 to learn more about these considerations.

We hope you use these important questions to decide if now’s the right time for you to Rightsize your life!

Another way to keep the stress low while rightsizing is hiring Caring Transitions to help! We are experts in rightsizing, estate sales and auctions, and more. Learn about our services.

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